Quotes from viewers


“Excellent Documentary piece, I truly believe in the power of image & sound to advocate, and contribute to changing existing negative patterns. Working on Cambodia at SDC, I’ll be glad to diffuse its viewing and use its findings for our own work on Agriculture and Food Security. Congratulations!”

Fabrice Fretz (Program Manager Cambodia, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC)


“Thank you for this frank and insightful film. It portrayed well the experience of families on the rubber frontier of Cambodia. The drone shots were effective visuals of the physical impact of this frontier experience. Looking forward to the next film!”

Kris Terauds (Economist, UN Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD)


“Thank you so much for this very informative movie! As someone who conducted his PhD research on the same topic I was struck with the similarities with what is happening in Ethiopia, my home country. Thanks!”

Dr. Ojot Miru Ojulu (Advocacy Officer, Office for International Affairs and Human Rights, Lutheran World Federation)


“Thank you very much for this great initiative. The film is very powerful. The only suggestion I would have for the future is to present the material in a global frame, on a global issue. Make this explicit, rather than implicit. But don’t do this if it undermines the raw immediacy + emotion which your film captures so well. Disseminate widely as you are bound to have a great impact. Very best wishes!”

Dr. Charles Gore (Former Head of research on Africa and least developed countries in UNCTAD and Honorary Professor in Economics, University of Glasgow)


“The movie conveys highly complex themes in a very understandable and clear way for a broad public without suggesting “easy fix”. Highly recommendable!”

Prof. Laurent Goetschel (Director swisspeace and Professor University of Basel)


“This was an excellent movie. Warm congratulations. You managed in half an hour to approach the issue of land-grabbing in a comprehensive and scientific way. It was really a pleasure watching it.”

Georgios Mermigkas (Economist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, FAO)